Aetius: a Havian Offering who works to promote peace aboard the Messenger.  “We are Havians.  We listen and promote peace wherever we go and under every circumstance, and I can think of no more important time to do so than now.”

Alaric: a Station Michael elder.


Clovia Quintus Tertius Clovius, filia Nerva Metellae: a twenty-three-year-old elementary-school teacher, Clovia Nerva is a devout Havian who lives with her father, Tertius Clovius, and misses her mother, Davena, who drowned while bathing in the creek on their property.  She is a believer, but she uses curiosity and reason to uncover truth, balancing logic and intuition.  “I do not believe Havo wishes me to die for seeking or promoting the truth.”




IMG_5362-200x300Concordia Vala: a radical antitheist sentenced to death for trying to burn down a Havian library, Concordia plays a key role in Clovia’s life.  Thirty-five years old, she is determined, passionate, and takes no nonsense.  She sees Clovia as young and naive, and at first neither woman respects the others views.  Concordia’s rage at the Church conceals a hidden pain, but she cares just as much for justice as does Clovia.  “I just don’t agree that violence is never the answer.”

Gabrielus: an antitheist leader.  “I am sorry.  It is painful to learn the truth.  But it is more painful to live a lie.”

Gaiseric: an antitheist who hates theists in general and Clovia Nerva in particular.

Iulia: a Havian Offering.  “It’s not just that you are Havian.  They have accepted the former Offerings here—even Octavius—up to now because we have left each other alone.  You, on the other hand . . . well, you have stirred up a bunch of stuff.”

Lavinia: elderly secretary to the Father of Us All in Rome.  “Sometimes it is not enough to be nonchalant.  Sometimes one must be assertively nonchalant.”

Lux Aduro, Father of us All: after the Roman Catholic Church was replaced by the Church of Havo, the Pope became the Father of us All.  Lux is the current Father of us All.  “If you think the Church is your enemy, you have been misled.  We will not harm you.  We are delighted you have come home, and we hope to embrace you in person soon.  Please come to us.  The old war has been over for over a hundred years.”

Octavius: Clovia’s best friend before he was sent to Havo three years ago.  “We must find our god worthy of praise and worship to praise and worship Him, else our minds and hearts are good for nothing, and why would a good god want that?  No, a good god rejoices in—wishes nothing more than—the free approbation of a good worshipper.”

Tertius Clovius: Clovia’s father.  “You are playing the World’s most dangerous game.”

Pallium: Alaric’s son, who leads Station Michael security.