The Sun Children

SCCover160830“Why are we infertile?  Our scientists determined our gametes were defective, but they could not find the cause of the defect and attributed it to Havo’s will.  At first there was panic, but Our Mother and Father, the leaders of our global church, counseled trust in Havo.  We have prayed for over a century . . .  We still have children, just not enough to exceed the deaths.  We are still losing ground.”

The Sun Children is Robert Peate’s anti-theocratic dystopian science fiction novel, set more than five hundred years in our future.

137 years after darkness was defeated and the Day of Our Sun Havo began, unexplained worldwide infertility known as the Inopia has reduced Terra’s population by billions.  As Church scientists labor to find the cause and a cure, each year the Church of Havo sacrifices ten people to show Humanity’s devotion to Havo and earn a reprieve, a reprieve which has yet to come.  This year, Provincia Cascadia selects Clovia Nerva, a devout young woman of twenty-three, as its latest Offering.  She feels blessed to meet her maker, but the Church may regret its choice forever.

“If I believe it is Havo’s will for me to die, I will die.  If I believe He wants me to live,
I will live.  I am not afraid to die.  I am afraid of not serving Havo’s will, whatever that might be.”—Clovia Nerva


“I greatly enjoy the fact that speculative fiction authors such as Peate tend to find the most compelling ways of presenting cultural and societal problems and realities in an entertaining and intellectually stimulating manner.  I am excited about The Sun Children.”

—Edward Anderson, sci-fi and ComicCon volunteer in the 1970s and ’80s